Carpet Cleaning Services

There are many carpet cleaners in Philadelphia, but it is hard to find a carpet cleaning provider with better services than Feet Up Carpet Cleaning. The secrets to our effectiveness are the expertly trained technicians, the top of the line professional equipment, and the safe, chemical-free green cleaning detergents and solvents we use. Our carpet cleaning team will identify the appropriate cleaning method for your carpet's fiber type and level of soil, for the best possible results every time.

If you have children or pets, consider following up your carpet cleaning with the application of a stain resistant carpet protector. This is safe for small children and for pets and will keep your carpet looking great for longer!

Steam Cleaning/Hot Water Extraction

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning's powerful truck-mounted steam cleaner shoots steam deep into the carpet's fibers, releasing embedded stains, neutralizing contaminants and flushing out dust, dirt, dander and other allergenic substances. The steam cleaner simultaneously applies strong suction for thorough extraction of the filth along with the water, a quick-drying process that leaves your carpet unbelievably clean, from the inside to the outside.


Chemical-free shampoos gently flush out embedded dirt and particles, leaving a beautifully cleaned carpet and a clean, pleasant fragrance in your home or office. Shampoo may be combined with steam/hot water extraction when treating higher soil levels.

Deep Cleaning

Tailor-made to conquer your dirtiest, smelliest carpeting, deep cleaning includes pre-treatment, sanitizing, deodorizing and heavy stain removal.

Carpet Stain/Spot Removal

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning is the stain removal expert. Pet stain and odor, grease spots, heavy traffic areas; coffee, wine, and juice spills and much more - our professional and knowledgeable technicians will let you know in advance what results we expect to achieve after treating the stains.

Dry Cleaning

Fast, dry and chemical-free, absorbent dry compound is applied to the carpet to remove dust, dirt and other particles and gently deodorizes. Just vacuum afterwards to remove the compound and the particles for cleaner, fresher carpeting.

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