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Pet Stain Treatments

Whether a dog, a cat, or some other animal, your pet is part of your family. You share your home and your life with your pet, and you wouldn't have it any other way. Still, sometimes your furry friend will have an accident on your carpet. While accidents can happen any time in an animal's life and for various reasons, they occur most often when your pet is young and you're working on housetraining him.

It is at this critical stage in development that it is most important to get rid of the smell, since lingering odors can encourage your young pet to soil again in the same spot. This will prolong the time it will take to housetrain your pet. It always seems to happen at the worst time too, like when you have guests coming for dinner in just a few hours. Feet Up Cleaning has the solution for your pet stains and smells.

Professional Odor Removal Helps with Housetraining

Call us when an accident happens and our experienced and professional technicians will be right over to clean up the mess. Not only can we treat your carpet quickly, but no one will suspect that there was a mess to clean up, unless you tell them. Least of all your pet. Housetraining is more successful when you make sure to completely remove the smell after an accident. Residual odors may encourage your pet to have an accident again in the same spot. We use exceptional deodorizing products to diffuse odors, leaving your house smelling fresh again.

Pet-Safe Stain Protection

We recommend that you protect your carpet and furniture after cleaning with our carpet and upholstery protectants. We use only trusted products that are safe for your pet.

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Pet Stain Removal
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